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Teams are the lifeblood of an organization.

Team Coaching | Team Assessment | Customized Facilitated Workshops

Develop a coaching-based leadership style of communication

We upskill leaders to understand and apply a coaching-based management style that enables them to bring out the best in their teams and establish a personal leadership ‘brand’. 

Assess and develop a team toward high performance

We assess leadership team strengths, gaps and areas of alignment – all focused on achieving high performance for the team. Upon reviewing the findings with the team leader, we leverage the assessment findings as a springboard for team discussion and a catalyst for further capability building.

Learn how to lead and influence organization change
We develop capability to manage self and lead others through change and transition, using the Bridges Transition Model, and other proven methodologies.  Our interventions focus on leaders learning and practicing skills that ensure business critical change initiatives succeed.  

Leverage different personalities on a team effectively

We help team members understand one another's personalities and celebrate their differences. Using the Hogan Assessment, we unpack your teams’ strengths, weaknesses, and values so they can be leveraged for stronger performance.

Capitalize on the different working and thinking styles on a team
We improve communication and strengthen collaboration within and among team members, using the Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI). The HBDI assesses the way your teams think, make decisions, solve problems, both in everyday situations and in stressful situations.


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