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Just like a kaleidoscope, great leadership is captivating and ever-changing.  Watch your leadership kaleidoscope change as we help you strategize your path forward, integrate the work across your teams, and elevate the organizations’ performance.




Executive Coaching

Leaders are critical to organizational success. 

The efficacy of an organization’s leadership is imperative to fostering alignment, embedding culture, driving strategy execution, and achieving results.


Team Coaching 

Teams are the lifeblood of an organization.

An effective leader can often ascertain when their teams need more clarity, direction, or relationship-building in order to focus on strategic goals.


Organization Consulting

Aligned organizations achieve strategic goals.

Aligning leadership and an organization to execute on vision, mission and strategy is no easy task. It often means focusing on all aspects of organization architecture, including organization culture.




Ensuring the ethical foundation of our work and the quality of our guidance from the onset.


Emphasizing a willingness to raise difficult issues in ways that are thoughtful and effective.


Serving as accountability partners and trusted advisors in sharing perceptions, insights and practical approaches to leadership dilemmas.


Helping clients pay attention to the holistic nature of organizations and the importance of alignment to enable effective strategy execution.


Working continuously to ensure leaders, teams, and organizations are better equipped for future challenges that will inevitably arise. 

Client Experiences

Global Head of Talent Analytics & Strategy

Cailin brings a strategic mindset and forward-thinking perspective to Talent Management. Her partnerships with our Workforce Intelligence team have resulted in new visualization-based approaches for characterizing organizations, such as via spans-and-layers analysis. These analyses equip HR business partners to grasp organization design implications quickly and offer practical solutions to leaders. Cailin is very smart, down-to-earth, has a sense of humor, and is a joy to work with. We are always ready to collaborate with her in improving human capital outcomes for our company.

Representative Clients

Healthcare, Pharma, Medical Devices

McKesson Specialty Healthcare 

The Permanente Medical Group

Kaiser Permanente

The Cooper Companies 

Queensland Health

Australian Lung Foundation

United Healthcare

Anthelio Healthcare


Audentes Therapeutics 

Third Harmonic Bio

Better Therapeutics


Sonoma Biotherapeutics

Hinge Health

Karyopharm Therapeutics

Gilead Sciences









Turntide Technologies

Western Digital



Finance, Retail, Travel, Education


Suncorp Australia

Flight Centre

Queensland University of Technology

American Institute of Architects

Essex Property Trust

AVALT Private Equity Firm

Kapor Capitol Private Equity Firm

Wheeler Accountants

Clients Experiences

Cailin O'Riordan, PhD and Partners

Dr. Cailin O’Riordan, Ph.D.,  is an organization consultant, executive coach, and trusted advisor. Cailin works closely with leaders in support of their efforts to develop their leadership capabilities, their team effectiveness and to transform their ever-evolving organizations. With Cailin, clients are able to examine their strategy and organization architecture, aligning the company’s design, culture, and leadership with the strategic needs and goals of the business.


Clients appreciate her ability to think critically and creativity about complex issues, quickly seeing underlying patterns and root-causes, and define strategic priorities clearly in order to solve critical challenges. These characteristics are combined with her practical, direct style which enables clients to 'get it done'

With a background in academia and senior executive roles in talent management and organizational effectiveness, Cailin has helped create exceptional environments for some of the world's most recognized corporation, which gives her hands-on experience in several industries and markets. 


Cailin has authored and co-authored publications on interpersonal communication, nonverbal communication, health communication and leadership effectiveness.  She holds a doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin in the field of Interpersonal Communication, with a specialization in quantitative and mixed-methodologies.

In addition to her independent consulting practice, Cailin co-founded an executive coaching network, Collective Wisdom Coaches. This referral-based network allows her clients to benefit from like-minded coaching approaches and methodologies at scale. This collective is founded on the philosophy that partnerships with and community amongst leadership experts yields better outcomes for her clients.


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